Web Development


Did you know that over 90% of the UK population uses a smartphone or tablet to browse the internet?

It’s a huge number, which is why every single design produced by our designers is responsive, designed from the very beginning to be friendly to devices of all shapes and sizes.

Step Up Web will ensure you are seen how you want to be seen – everywhere, anywhere, at any time.


Sometimes you’ll come across a website that has a lot going on; it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for.

When we design a website, we cut down to the most critical assets and build from there. No extra fluff or useless information. Just everything needed for a streamlined experience.

Everything is geared toward a lean, fast and beautiful product, maximising the user experience.


Beauty retains attention. It captivates the viewer, and keeps them looking. In a world where getting attention is an up-hill struggle, a beautiful visage is paramount.

We know this well and ensure that all our designs appeal to the eye and draw attention to the most critical messages of your business.

With Step Up Web, your brand will be seen, and your voice will be heard through our websites.