hosting, security and maintenance

A website isn’t just a product. You don’t just build one; it’s a service that grows over time. It requires maintenance and security to protect it. So many websites put so much time, effort and resources into building something beautiful, only to make the mistake of leaving it unsupported – until something goes terribly wrong.

Technology advances and unless your website is 100% future-proof (which, no matter what anyone may tell you, it is not). Old code will become deprecated and no longer work. Browsers will update and no longer support certain design features. With each advance comes new risks like those mentioned or worse – security holes that can be exploited and used to steal content, send spam or even transmit viruses to your users.

A lot of the time, businesses leave their websites unprotected because of the additional cost in keeping them maintained. Hiring designers and developers to look after your online presence can often be a daunting and expensive task. At Step Up Web, we solve this issue by providing every single one of our clients the opportunity to be hosted and protected by us, on our servers, at a cost tailored to the their business once the project has been completed.

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